The ANR Foundation's services and programs are designed to:

  • Inform individuals, groups, and communities about the dangers of secondhand smoke and the benefits of smokefree air,
  • Reduce the harm caused by secondhand smoke,
  • Prevent the initiation of smoking among youth and college students,
  • Establish, connect and maintain grassroots smokefree networks,
  • Increase the capacity of state and community coalitions to plan, implement, and evaluate environmental tobacco prevention efforts, and
  • Develop a sustainable national, state, and local infrastructure for smokefree air.

Technical Assistance includes strategic planning and training, public education, and information dissemination to raise awareness, increase knowledge, and develop skills to support smokefree air and prevent smoking. In 2006, the ANR Foundation provided more than 35 onsite trainings and presentations, as well as over 2,600 one-on-one technical assistance contacts across the country. The ANR Foundation disseminated more than 150 different fact sheet, position paper, tip sheet and other publication titles developed by the ANR Foundation and its sister organization Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights. The National Smokefree Resource Library and Clearinghouse is currently being developed to provide a single point of access for these technical assistance materials and other online resources for smokefree air.

Information Tracking & Analysis informs and drives the creation of ANR Foundation's new technical assistance materials and provides critical information on smokefree trends nationwide. Our U.S. Tobacco Control Laws Database© is the only national repository of laws pertaining to clean indoor air, restrictions on youth access to tobacco, tobacco advertising and promotion restrictions, tobacco excise taxes, and conditional use permits enacted at the local or state level, nationwide. The database is a valuable research tool that forms the basis for state-specific databases and has resulted in numerous research studies published in peer-reviewed journals, National Cancer Institute Monographs, and Surgeon General's reports. The Tobacco Industry Tracking Database© contains bibliographic citations, abstracts, and detailed indexing for more than 32,000 articles, news stories, and other materials regarding the tobacco industry, clean indoor air campaigns, and other tobacco policy issues. The database collects information on tobacco industry activities and its allies and is used to research tobacco industry involvement in clean indoor air campaigns, advertising and promotional activities, marketing tobacco to youth, etc.

Prevention and Education Programs focus on preventing youth and young adults from becoming smokers. The ANR Foundation helped release the banned documentary Death in the West and developed a companion curriculum to educate teens and adults to the nefarious activities of the tobacco companies and the true impact of smoking. Recognized by the Surgeon General and the American Medical Association, Teens as Teachers was an award-winning smoking prevention and youth empowerment program developed by the ANR Foundation. This program trained hundreds of teens to carry tobacco free messages into classrooms of younger students. Today, the ANR Foundation is revamping and updating the program to address the needs and interests of young adults.

Health Communications Initiatives include a wide range of efforts, including television, radio, print, and web-based advertising at the state and local levels. The ANR Foundation routinely provides assistance to groups in developing their communication plans and messages, as well as specific development of public service announcements and other media. The ANR Foundation developed the Hidden War and Fighting Back videos, which were funded by the California Department of Health Services and aired on public television, to expose tobacco industry interference with public health policy. Through Not in Mama's House, funded by the Environmental Protection Agency, the ANR Foundation and our partners developed strategic, culturally appropriate, and high-impact messages and materials which were distributed by members of diverse communities through informal channels reaching more than 5,000 individuals. 

National Activities conducted by the ANR Foundation help shape a national agenda for smokefree air and inform policy-makers and funders of emerging needs and trends within the field. The ANR Foundation hosts Clearing the Air: An Institute for Policy Advocacy, a three-day skills building and strategy planning retreat dedicated to the issue of secondhand smoke and developing a national agenda for smokefree air. Since delivery of the first Institute in 2002, the ANR Foundation has brought more than 500 professionally, geographically, and demographically diverse individuals together to enhance awareness of the dangers of secondhand smoke; share recent science, economic data, and first-hand experiences; maintain the smokefree movement; and foster grassroots networks across the country. 

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